My Journey With SCOC

By: Arlie Neufeld

Where do I begin? My husband, Bob and I moved to Swift Current in August, 1974. We started attending St. Olaf Lutheran Church where it wasn’t long before I was one of the organists and started playing for the senior choir under the direction of Joyce Olesen. It was through Joyce that I heard about the Oratorio choir and she encouraged me to join. I believe it was sometime in 1975. Practices were at the Swift Current Bible Institute with John Poettcker as our very capable director and Bev Dyck as our wonderful accompanist.

Later on, we moved over to the Anglican Church for practices. Times changed and John and Bev both moved on. Fortunately, John arranged for Marcia McLean to take over the reins as director and the rest is history. We’ve had many wonderful years of singing under Marcia’s very capable direction along with two very talented accompanists in Sheila Braun and Amy Wiens. A very special highlight was when Oratorio choir was directed by Greg McLean and we were joined by the Regina Symphony Orchestra for spring concerts when we performed special works by famous composers such as the favorite, Handel’s “Messiah”.

There were about four years where I had to sit out because of eye issues I deal with, but I have learned so much from John, Marcia and Greg! “Melodies of Christmas” at First United Church is where John first introduced me to the pipe organ and it has been one of my favorite Christmas programs. For Swift Current being a smaller city, we have been very blessed to have such amazing musical directors and accompanists. Many friendships have been made over the years through this choir.

Need a stress reliever? Join Oratorio choir and sing your heart out!

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